X3-033: June 9, 2013


Getting back into our podcast groove for the summer after a nice long “time-out” in Maui! Ahh – the beach, the buxom beauties, the COFFEE – I’d say it’s great to be back but I’d be lying!

Working on some new projects for Radio Mystic, and in the process we’re bringing all of our brands together under one roof, so watch for this site to be consolidated into our main website at www.radiomystic.com very soon.

Here’s today’s track listing:

RYAN KOMBARGI – Under the Sun

MIKTEK – Magnificent Desolation



SONOGRAM – Single Dwelling Structures

Thanks for listening!

X3-032: Spotlight: ULTIMAE RECORDS

Today’s episode features some amazing ambient music from our friends at ULTIMAE RECORDS.



ULTIMAE RECORDS was established in 2000 and is based in Lyon, France. They were one of the first labels to promote the ambient/trance music genre full-time.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Sandrine and the entire gang at Ultimae Records for providing all of the music you hear on the podcast today. Be sure to pay them a visit online – Ultimae is a great resource for building your ambient library!


X3-031: Ambient Waves

Spending a scorching summer weekend cooling off to some new ambient sounds from the music stash:

1. ZOSH CARDO – Level My Scales
Check their Soundcloud site for free downloads

2. SEREN FFORD & OOPHOI – Blue Fire (Hypnos Recordings)
Album: The Martian Chronicles

3. CAUL – Radiance Falls (Hypnos Recordings)
Album: Let The Stars Assume The Whole of Night

4. PRAGUEDREN – Xebbz (Dank Disk Records)
EP: Slower Motions


X3-030: Digital Bits

Electronic goodness today from:

1. DATADRIFT – Darkened Waves
2. DAVE LUXTON – Decode
3. CYBO – Synapse
4. SHANE MORRIS & MYSTIFIED – Triassic Extinction
5. RADIUM 88 – The Man Who Was Not Himself
6. BIOMASS – Serpent Sphinx

X3-029: Spotted Peccary Music

A one-hour special today courtesy of our friends over at Spotted Peccary Music – thanks guys! Dig into some tasty ambient/electronic goodness today with:

1. TIME BEING – Future Forming – from A Dimension Reflected
2. DEBORAH MARTIN – One Sun – from Deep Roots, Hidden Water
3. JUSTIN VANDERBERG – The Path – from Synthetic Memories
4. BRUNO SANFILIPPO – Slipped Time – from Subliminal Pulse
5. RUDY ADRIAN – Netherworlds – from Distant Stars
6. PAUL ELLIS – The Infinite Minute by Minute – from From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
7. JEFF GREINKE – Partial Light – from Virga
8. TERRA AMBIENT – Mammoth – from Wanderlust
9. DARSHAN AMBIENT – Mirage – from Dream in Blue
10. DAVID HELPLING/JON JENKINS – To The Ends of the Earth – from The Crossing

For more great ambient, electronic, acoustic and progressive instrumental music, be sure to make the jump to Spotted Peccary online!

X3-028: FROST

FROST: An X3 Podcast Special Episode

Grab this episode in iTunes, or listen here:

Got an hour-long show for ya today since we’ve only got one podcast for December. This episode’s dedicated to the winter season, enhancing that silent, solitary, contemplative feeling you sometimes get during a long walk after a winter storm, or after you realize you just ran out of that drink that was keeping you toasty.

Track listing (click an artist name for more info):

1. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Not Forgotten
2. Kirsty Hawkshaw – In Between
3. Tor Lundvall – Snowy Morning
4. Alex Tiuniaev – Ethereal Winter Ambience Part 1 (Edit)
5. Phillip Wilkerson – Cold Moon Drift
6. Ion – Eternal Flame
7. Bruno Sanfilippo – Surreal Sense (Edit)
8. Igneous Flame – Shimmer
9. Hands Upon Black Earth – Inward
10. Soulwire – Drifting Essence

X3 returns in mid-to-late January after a well-deserved long holiday break. See you in 2011 gang!

X3-027: Electric Soup

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This weekend’s show features rock/pop-based electronic tracks from some amazing artists we think you need to know about if ya don’t already.

Track listing (click an artist name for more info):

1. GLITCH MOB feat. SWAN – Between Two Points
2. MUSIC INSIDE – Cannibal
4. AURADRONE – Indigo Child
5. CURL – Salt Taste
6. 65daysofstatic – Await Rescue

X3 is off the grid for Thanksgiving weekend, which means we’ll see you again on December 11th with more tasty music morsels…
thanks for listening and telling your friends about us!

X3-026: Ectoplasmic Dark Ambient Goodness

Grab this episode in iTunes, or listen here:

I ain't fraida no ghost!Got some dark ambient goodness for ya today in honor of Halloween weekend, bodiless souls and death, that sorta stuff.

First up we haBOOOOO!!!!!! Did I scare ya? Totally didn’t see that comin’ did ya? I know. I’m cool like that.

Here’s the track list:

1. MYSTIFIED – Dark Transition
2. SECRET DRUID SOCIETY – Phobia (Stones Are Moving)
3. INFALLEN – Prologue (Inner Locutions)
4. ASPECTEE – Dianthus

All of these artists and more can be found online at http://www.firstfallenstar.com – check ‘em out for some great music hailing from the dark end of the ambient/experimental spectrum.

… and don’t eat too much candy this weekend dammit.

First Fallen Star Music online

X3-025: Spotlight: CYBO

Grab this episode in iTunes, or listen here:

Electronic musician CYBOThis week it’s the sweet soundings of electronic candy from CYBO, a New York-based artist who’s blowing up the internet with her unique sound.

Her music project began in 2004. She started experimenting by meshing her piano, guitar playing and pulsating vocals with distorted electronic drum beats and thick layered ambient pads. Her music gives off a sense of diversity/chaos/beauty/form of expression. Taking it even further and beyond the surreal ambient atmosphere already conveyed through her music, Cybo has created a new style that consists of a melodic ghostly type sound accompanied with hard filled gritty beats, overdriven guitar sounds and layered vocals breaching from afar. Taking subconscious thoughts and creating a visual of effects.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Cybo describes her life living in the city diverse, chaotic and beautiful.
“…I’ve worked on this project alone from the start. I’ve always wanted to create a soundtrack of my life both musically and visually. My music constantly changes. My world is ethereal and my thoughts are obscure. But for the moments that I can sit down and create..I feel like I can breathe and I am limitless…and I would like to share that experience with you…”

“This is my life recorded in a dream…”

Watch for Cyb’s brand new album ECHOESPOND, due out in just weeks, as well as the new CD Saegmeh, her collaboration with musician Esper Fiction.

Track listing:

1. Bleeding Colors (from ‘Speaking as Loud as Silence’)
2. Within the Ice (from ‘Recorded in a Dream’)
3. Collision is Imminent (from ‘Rendered Senseless’)
4. Fiction (from ‘Last Glow Before Darkness [Sessions Mix]‘)
5. Glue (from ‘Void’ – an EP included with the above album)
6. Still Life (from ‘Last Glow Before Darkness [Sessions Mix]‘)
7. The Spaces in Between (unreleased track)

Visit CYBO online at http://www.djcybo.com, and listen for an interview with this multi-talented woman in an upcoming episode of our affiliated podcast, E*SCAPES.

X3-024: Head Sixes III

Time for another cold shower – it’s HEAD SIXES on the X3 this weekend, featuring sensuous vocals from some of independent music’s most mesmerizing talent of the female persuasion.

ARTEMIS – Subterranean
BETH QUIST - Survival
DJ CRISTO feat. NATASHA ENGLAND – The Suburban Dweller
SARA AYERS – This Is What I Wanted
ANJI BEE - Crossing the Pond (Floating Buddha Mix)

ELU feat. DEE GONZALES – Bedtime Stories (an X3 Exclusive from Elu’s unreleased upcoming CD)

There. How was that for ya? Bet you’ll sleep like a baby now, unless of course you’re the Master of your Domain.